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Technical Specification
Wheat, Class-4
Commodity: Wheat, Class-4, with the following specification and as per ISO and Iranian Standard. Origin: Kazakhstan

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Test Weight min. 730 g/l
Wet Gluten min. 20%
Protein min. 12.0%
Moisture max.14% (ISO)
Falling Numbers min. 180 sec
Broken Kernels max. 5%
Foreign Materials max. 2% (ISO)
Grain Admixture max. 5% (ISO)
Bug Damaged max. 1.5%
Urea Negative
Salmonella Negative
Arsenic 2 ppm (mg/kg) max
Cadmium 1 ppm (mg/kg) max
Lead 10 ppm (mg/kg) max
Mercury 0.1 ppm (mg/kg) max
Genetically modified organism (NON-GMO) GMO is NOT Allowed