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Technical Specification
Feed Corn
Commodity:Feed Corn, NON-GMO, as per ISO and ISIRI 1445, ISIRI 3207, ISIRI 5925 and Standard GOST R 16634-90, Russian Origin

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Moisture max. 14%
Protein min. 8%
Total Alfatoxin max. 20ppb
Broken Kernels max. 5%
Foreign Material max 2%
Damaged kernels max. 0.5%
Insect infestation 0%
E. coli Negative
Ambrosia Negative
Heated seeds max. 0.5%
TVN max. 50 mg/100g
Urea Negative
Arsenic max. 2ppm (mg/kg)
Cadmium max. 1 ppm (mg/kg)
Lead max. 10 ppm (mg/kg)
Mercury max. 0.1 ppm (mg/kg)